VP Aphrodite von Nadar, CGC, CGCA
is the daughter of
VA Waiko vom Schaumbergerland SchH3, Kkl1a
SG Wiva von Drache Feld BH, AD
Scandal is a medium sized, strongly built female of
absolutely correct size and structure. She is a very open and
social puppy with excellent food and prey drive and a strong
desire to please her handler. She earned her CGC that same
weekend and followed that up
with a CGCA shortly after.
Then it was on to her first Sieger Show where she placed
VP5 in a large and strong class!
Proving that her early
success was no fluke, Scandal proceeded to earn her CGCA,
her GSDCA Temperament Test and an SG11 at the
2015 GSDCA Sieger Show