V1 Digger vom haus Lena, SchH1, Kkl1"a" lbz

Digger is a male of exceptional color, pigment, working ability
and power. He truly stands out in every crowd and is
absolutely the best working showline dog I have ever handled.
With genetic full, calm grips, tremendous power and ultra-high
drives he is a pure joy to handle. The best part is that he passes
these on! Digger has proven to be extremely versatile as a stud
dog, producing progeny that have excelled in everything from
Schutzhund to SAR to Service Dogs to beloved family
UCD, UCH, UCI NAT CH, V1 2011 North Central Regional Sieger, V8 (UScA 2013) Digger
vom haus Lena, SchH1, IPO2, AD,
BH, CD, 2 x UKC Total Dog Award Winner, RO1, TT, TDI, CGC, DNA, HOT, OFA Good
Hips/Normal Elbows, DM clear,
Kkl1"a" lbz, TSB: pronounced, lets out
Sire to many Regional Siegers/Siegerins and Regional Vice Siegers/ Vice Siegerins
2011 North Central Region Sieger
Digger working with USCA helper D. Simms
Digger with USCA helper S. Cole
Digger working on USCA helper J. Buckingham
Digger working on helper J. Evans
Digger working on USCA helper C. Orkies
Digger in Trial with USCA
helper R.White
Digger working on sv helper Peter Dummer
Digger working on UScA helper Eric Thomas
Digger working on UScA helper Scott Riddle
Digger working on UScA teaching helper Dan Williams
These photos taken at the age of 7.5
Digger is still going strong!!