Discoe is a home bred girl out of SG1 Laika vom
Teutopass, CGC, DNA and by UCD, UCH, V Digger
vom haus Lena, SchH1, Kkl1, BH, AD, CD, 2 x Total
Dog, RO1, TT, CGC, TDI, DNA, OFA Good
Hips/Normal Elbows.

Discoe has non stop energy like her mother and
unstoppable attitude like her father. Watch for her in
the UKC and SV rings as well as the trial fields. There
will be no stopping her.

Discoe was the 2010 MidWest Regional Young Adult
Vice Siegerin in a very tough class. She also earned
her BH and AD and was the only dog from her class
that trialed that same weekend. In addition, she was
the only showline dog to successfully achieve her BH
that weekend. At 30 months of age, Discoe's hips
were rated EXCELLENT by OFA.
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Discoe is co-owned and resides with G. Logan
UCH SG Laika vom Teutopass, CGC, TDI, HOT hips a1, DNA
UCD, UCH, V1 Digger vom haus Lena, SchH1, BH, AD, CD, CGC, TDI,
TT, URO1, DNA, HOT, 2x UKC Total Dog , OFA Good Hips/Normal
Elbows, Kkl1 "a", TSB: pronounced, let's out
This little girl has been everything I dream of in a GSD. Everything I've wanted, ever since the German Shepherd bug bit me when I was around 8 years
old. Ready and willing, she's up for anything and everything, anytime. From the show ring to the obedience ring to Schutzhund practice to back home to
say hello to the neighborhood children, she's at home wherever we are together. We've trained together and worked hard alongside Jen as well as on our
own to obtain her BH and AD at 18 months of age, and continue to work hard today, next aiming to finish the final leg of her AKC CD. One couldn't ask
for a more well-adjusted, healthy and model dog and I look forward to a great many more years and adventures with my best and most entertaining (not
to mention interesting) copilot.
G. Logan on Discoe vom haus Huro