VA UCHp Jaro von Avenir, SchH3, Kkl1a lbz, CGC
VA2 2010 UScA Sieger Show
2010 MidEastern Regional Sieger
Multiple Best of Breed Winner
Multiple Best Veteran in Breed Winner

Jaro is a living legend. To be in his presence is to the in the
presence of one of the greats of the GSD world. Intelligent,
quick to respond, willing to please and with the ability to be a
savage to the decoys on the field and then come home to
hang out with the kids by the fireplace, he is the true
embodiment of what the GSD is supposed to be.

Jaro is not available to public stud. He has more than earned
his retirement and the right to claim some serious couch time.
He will be worked and allowed to be a much loved pet to
our family for the rest of his days. It's the least we can do to
thank him for his contributions to the breed as a whole.