Our Males

At VHH, I select our males on a variety of criteria ranging from temperament, working ability, bloodlines,
performance records of the lines, genetic health (including hips, elbows and longevity) and trainability. All of
our males are DM CLEAR through OFA and/or GenSol and our current breeding males have all been
extensively DNA tested using the EMBARK panel to ensure genetic health to the best of our ability.

We do offer the use of our males to outside kennels looking to include our lines. All females for live breeding
must show current (less than 6 months old) proof of a negative brucellosis test and negative culture. All
female must be certified for hips through SV, OFA, PennHip or other FCI recognized certification.
No exceptions.
Available for stud service and standing at Zwinger vom haus Huro, we offer live breedings, fresh cooled and frozen
semen from the following studs:
Gone but never forgotten
We offer frozen semen available for purchase from Zwinger vom haus Huro, from the following studs:
Our up and coming young males: