At VHH, I select our males on a variety of criteria ranging from temperament, bloodlines, performance records of the lines, genetic health
(including hips, elbows and longevity) and trainability. All of our males are DM CLEAR through OFA and/or GenSol.  
Icon brings all of his father's rich coloration, strong working ability and trainability in a medium-sized package. Icon is moderately angulated
and has a free and effortless movement.  Icon is best suited for females that need to strengthen ligamentation, add more fight drive,
maintain or achieve medium sized progeny and improve weak or overangulated rears.   
Ivo is an exceptional male that we are excited to bring here to the USA.  He is best utilized in breeding programs where the breeder would
like to increase type, bone strength, nerve, prey drive and  clear heads.
Triage continues our tradition of progressing with our own male line through Digger. He is absolute medium size, strongly built, masculine,
strong in character and nerve and balanced in his drives. We are very excited to see where this young man goes!
Samurai is our next prospect. Our very own some of the amazing VA Whillo vom Klostermoore. Samurai has full, hard grips, a serious
demeanor and an open and happy temperament. He is currently away at training.
Beatle is from our kennel and will be trained and titled by us. He is linebred 3-3 on Digger vom haus Lena. We think he's really going to be
V1 UCH Digger vom haus Lena
Titles: IPO2, SchH1, AD, BH, CD, 2 x Total Dog Award
Winner, UCD, RO1, TT, TDI, CGC, CGCA, DNA,
HOT, Kkl1 "a" lbz, DM CLEAR
Date of Birth: 19 March 2007
Hips: OFA Good     Elbows: OFA Normal
Date of Import: 9 July 2007
Date of Acquisition: 9 July 2007
Acquired from: vom haus Lena, Germany
Special Accomplishments:
Handler-Owner Trained
CD (x2) and UCD all earned with all 1st place scores
SchH1 earned with High Obedience, High Protection,
High SchH1 and High in Trial!!!!
Kkl1 with TSB rating "pronounced"
V1 North Central Regionals, 2011
V20 2012 UScA Sieger Show
IPO2 earned with High Tracking, High Obedience, High
Protection, High IPO2 and High in Trial!!!!
V8 2013 UScA Sieger Show!!
V14 2014 UScA Sieger Show!
2011 North Central Region Sieger
V1 2014 Mid Central Region Veteran Sieger
V2 2015 USCA Veteran Vice Sieger
UCH VP1 SG (NASS) Icon vom haus Huro

Titles: IPO1, APR1, AD, BH, UCH, CGC, CGCA,  CD,
DM Clear through OFA, DNA
Date of Birth: 29 June 2010
Hips: OFA Good    Elbows: OFA Normal
Special Accomplishments:
Breeder/Handler-Owner Trained
VP3 at OG Indianapolis Club Show and Breed Survey
VP1 REGIONAL SIEGER/North Central Regionals
BH earned at 15 months of age
AD earned at 18 months of age
2011 North Central Region Senior Puppy Sieger
Total Dog Award Winner
UKC CH earned in one weekend
SG rated at NASS 2011
Multiple High in Trial Awards (AKC)
Multiple Group 1 placements (UKC)
Sire to 2013 and 2014 UScA LC Junior Puppy
Available for stud service and standing at Zwinger vom haus Huro, we offer live breedings, fresh cooled and frozen
semen from the following studs:
VA Jaro von Avenir

Titles: SchH3, BH, AD, DNA, Kkl1"a" lbz
Date of Birth: 2 July 2005
Hips: a-normal    Elbows a-normal
Date of Acquisition: 3 February, 2013
Special Accomplishments:
VA2 2010 USA Sieger Show
Bitework Award Winner 2010 USA Sieger Show
MidEastern regional Sieger 2010

Proven producer of working ability,
balanced drives and stellar temperaments.
All females for live breeding must show current (less than 6 months old) proof of a negative brucellosis test and negative culture. All female must be
certified for hips through SV, OFA, PennHip,OVC or other FCI recognized certification. No exceptions.
V Ivo von Waterloo

Titles: IPO3, SchH2, BH, AD, CGC, CGCA, TC,
Kkl1a lbz
Date of Birth: 28 April 2009
Hips: a-normal elbows: a-normal
Special accomplishments:
SG39 BSZS 2012
V80 BSZS 2013
V10 GSDCA 2014
V1 Mid Central Regional Sieger 2014
V8 USCA Siger Show 2015
V2 Veteran Vice Sieger GSDCA 2015
2017 USCA Veteran Sieger
2017 Mid Central Regional Veteran Sieger
Passed bitework in 4 Sieger Shows in 2
Gone but never forgotten
UCH SG Triage vom haus Huro

Hips: OFA Good, Elbows: OFA Normal
DM Clear through OFA
EMBARK panel clear
D.O.B. 22 January 2015
SG15 USCA Sieger Show 2016
SG1 Open Class Sieger 2017 Mid Central Regionals
SG Samurai vom haus Lena, BH

Titles: CGC, BH, in training for IGP1
Hips: Prelim Good, Elbows: prelim normal
DM Clear through GenSol,
Embark panel: pending
. 3-2-2017

VA Whillo vom Klostermoore son
We offer frozen semen available for purchase from Zwinger vom haus Huro, from the following studs:
Our up and coming young males:
Beatle vom haus Huro

Titles: CGC
Hips: OFA prelim Good, Elbows: Prelim
Embark panel: pending
D.O.B. 2-10-2018

VA Ilbo Holtkampersee G.Grandson