Typical puppies from vom haus Huro
Proudly breeding showlines that can WORK
Proudly breeding dogs of correct temperament

We have 2 planned litters!!
SG Icon von haus Huro IPO1, OFA, CHIC x Raina von Bluhon, OFA
SG1 Triage vom haus Huro, AD, OFA, CHIC x SG2 Ixy von Katzel, OFA, CHIC

please inquire at haushuro@gmail.com or call 248-825-5103 for further information, to reserve a puppy or be placed on our waiting list.
Zwinger vom haus Huro
The home of VHH!
100 acres of gently rolling grassland in the middle of Missouri where we can train year round and our dogs can have the room to
train and roam that they deserve.