Son of German VA Whillo vom Klostermoor, IPO3, Kkl
SG Samurai vom haus Lena, BH

Titles: UCGC, CGCA, BH, in training for IGP1
Hips: Good Elbows: Normal
DM Clear through GenSol,
EMBARK panel clear
. 3-2-2017

sonSamurai is a German import that we brought in to the USA as a puppy.
He is a large, strongly built male with pronounced masculinity and bone
strength. His father is renowned VA Whillo and is mother is a direct
daughter of VA Chacco. Samurai has had the distinct privilege of working
with Davis Buss, Joeri Veth and Lars Lentz during his time with his trainer
Doug Garber. We are truly blessed to have been able to get a dog of his
caliber and worth to the breed and even more so to be able to work him
with such talented and gifted trainers in the world of IPO.

Watch for Samurai on the trial field in 2020!