Triage is a home bred boy out of Xtra vom Kein Ort
and by SG Icon vom haus Huro, IPO1

Triage or "Yankee" as we call him, is a perfect
combination of his sire and grandsire. Yankee is
absolute medium size with a medium strong build,
masculine head and expression and very good color
and pigment. At his SG1 rating, the judge made the
comment that if he was allowed to award a V in that
class, it would be to Yankee! Such a wonderful
compliment from an SV judge and Koermeister!

Yankee is staying in kennel for his training and titles.
While this means that he will take a longer road to get
there (due to my handling time) we think it will
ultimately be the best road. I have plans to title him in
a wide variety of areas, so keeping him close to home
was the best option.
2017 Mid Central Region Open Class Seiger