NAT CH SG Discoe vom haus Huro
Titles: BH, AD, CD, CGC, CGCA, TDI
Hips: OFA Excellent Elbows: Nornal

VA Ilbo Holtkamper See G. Daughter
INT CH UCH  SG Laika vom Teutopass
Hips: A-normal  HDZW:78

VA Ilbo vom Holtkamper See daughter
CH SG Bullet vom haus Hillsview
Titles: CGC, TDI, UCH

VA Yango vom Adelplatz G. daughter
Deceased 2017
UCH V Ava vom Viera
Titles: SchH1, BH, AD, CGC, UCH
Hips: OFA Good

VA Superioue's Zathan G. daughter
Deceased 2017
SG(USCA) Katana vom haus Huro
Titles: UCH, CGC, CGCA, TC
Hips: OFA Excellent
Elbows: OFA Normal, CHIC

VA Gittano Semper Wictor daughter
V Baffi vom Odland
Titles: SchH1, Kkl1a, BH, AD, DNA
Hips: A-normal   HDZW 85
Elbows: A-normal

VA Merlin v. Osterberger-Land daughter
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SG Odette vom haus Huro

Titles: TC, CGC, CGCA
Date of Birth: 2 September 2012
Hips: OFA preliminary GOOD
Elbows: OFA preliminary Normal
DM Clear through GenSol
Drama is a very special girl that continues to
surprise us in good ways and make us proud.  
She is by our Icon vom haus Huro and out of
Laika vom Teutopass.
SG rated 2014 USCA Sieger Show

VA Ilbo Holtkamper See G.Daughter
SG Xtra vom Kein Ort
Titles: TC, CGC, CGCA
Date of Birth: 22 May 2013
Hips: OFA Prelim Good
Elbows: OFA Prelim Normal
DM clear through GenSol
Xtra is a very special girl. Very happy, large
boned and with a ton of prey drive. We are
excited to see all that Xtra can achieve!
SG rated 2014 GSDCA Sieger Show
VA Rocco Mittelwest Daughter
VA Titan Mittelwest G. Daughter
SG Chili von Schneiden Fels
Titles: AD, CGC, CGCA
Hips: a-normal Elbows: a-normal

VA Jaro von Avenir daughter
SG Aphrodite von Nadar
Titles: CGC, CGCA, TC
Date of Birth: 25 July 2014
Hips: OFA Good Elbows: prelim Normal
DM Clear by Parentage
Outgoing, bold and with a real zest for life,
Aphrodite will no doubt go very far.
VP rated USCA Sieger Show 2015
SG rated GSDCA Sieger Show 2015
SG rated USCA Sieger Show 2016
VA Waiko von Schaumbergerland Daughter
VA Xenox von Frankengold G. Daughter
VA Polara vom Schaumbergerland G. Daughter
SG PFC Penny Rallhaus
Titles: TC, CGC, CGCA
Date of Birth: 11 September 2014
Hips: OFA Good Elbows: prelim Normal
DM Clear through GenSol
Penny is a daughter of our V Ivo von  Waterloo
IPO3, Kkl1a lbz and Jyota Rallhaus. She is a upper
medium size, strongly built female with an outgoing
personality and prominent prey drive.
P rated USCA Sieger Show 2015
SG rated at club level
VA Zerxis vom Osterberger-Land G. Daughter
VA Hanny Hartis Bohemia G. Daughter
VA Icebox von Ducati G. G. Daughter
SG Ixy von Katzel

Titles: TC, CGCA, UCGC
Hips: OFA Good
Elbows: OFA Normal
DM Carrier through GenSol

SG2 rated at Club level

VA Kimbo vom GlobalHaus G.Daughter
Raina von Bluhon

Hips: OFA Fair
Elbows: OFA Normal
DM Clear through GenSol

VA Yoker vom Pendler G. Daughter
Our hopeful, Azkaban vom haus Huro
Our hopeful, Yahtzee vom haus Huro